Andy is a strong “moderate” with real Christian values who I believe would fall on the conservative side when needed. His professional background in finance and concern for our youth allow for my strong support on WCSB THIS ELECTION! I don’t believe he would waver on Christian principle, nor go over the edge on emotion- a very good thinker and pragmatist when essential to move out of stalemate.

I met {Andy} a couple times and favored him in the past for his political equilibrium!

Dr. Paul Bartholomew
WCSB District 4


During my campaigns for Williamson County School Board District 4, where I have already served six years, I have always examined the candidates running against me to see if anyone could serve the Board and the people of District 4 better than I.  This year, for the first time, I have found such a candidate.

I have enjoyed getting to know Andy Voyles this past month.  He will serve the people of District 4 in a dedicated, informed, and generally exceptional manner.

So even though my name remains on the ballot, I have the great pleasure of endorsing Andy Voyles for the office of Williamson County School District 4, putting all my resources at the disposal of his campaign.  Andy Voyles will serve the students and families of Williamson County well, always pursuing educational excellence in the wonderful community in which we live.

I thank all the people who have voted for me in the past as your school board member.  I ask you now to vote for Andy Voyles in August.

Timothy  McLaughlin
WCSB District 4
2018 Candidate


The Williamson Business PAC has made its determination of endorsements for School Board candidates. This stable and highly functioning school board continues to be an asset to the administration in driving our great school system forward.

Several leaders on this list are incumbents who do not have an opponent. Others are incumbents seeking election for the first time (after being appointed to fill vacant seats) and all of them have done great work together. We are also pleased to highlight a first time candidate, Andrew Voyles, who in our view, established that he can be a very productive member of this board.

We highly recommend you vote for these leaders to serve on the school board.
District 2 – Dan Cash
District 4 – Andrew Voyles
District 6 – Jay Galbreath
District 7 – Sheila Cleveland
District 8 – Candace Emerson
District 10 – Eric Welch
District 12 – Nancy Garrett

Williamson Business PAC