My Promise

Williamson County is fortunate to have a superior public-school system which functions in harmony with a thriving, local economy and high-standards for academic achievement. This didn’t happen by accident or overnight. Forward-looking leadership over many years has made this happen. It is my desire to build upon that tradition of leadership as I represent you and your children on the WCSB for the 4th District.


The 2018 Williamson County School Board election is not about the past. It is about the present – and even more about the future. Decisions made by YOUR WCSB representative will have an impact far beyond a school year, or even a term of office; which is why having the right person representing you in District 4 is so vital.

Three principles drive my candidacy:

Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting:  Anticipating the needs and intentionally planning for them will allow for exploring additional revenue streams, balancing increasing expense requirements, and forecasting school capacity demands.

  • 20+ year successful career in finance, lending, executive management
  • Visionary
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

Strategic Thinking: This is the fundamental purpose of the board. Operational and tactical issues must continue to be diligently addressed by the WC School Board, school leadership and staff.

I am…

  • Process oriented and a results driven thinker
  • Growth and development planner
  • Collaborative and discussion-oriented leader/presenter

Leadership for Today and Tomorrow:  Through my experienced leadership and as the father of WSS children ages 13,11, & 7, I can help assure the quality of education for our children for today and for the generations to come. 

Investing in today’s youth builds…

  • Educated adults for tomorrow
  • Stability for our Schools and communities
  • A legacy for the future

I look forward to serving as your District 4 School Board Member